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Monday, August 29, 2005

Nomination - August's "Best Comment Trails"

Sometimes, the blogs are excellent, the posts sublime...and the comments steal the show!!! Nominations for the best Comment Trails can be for any number of comments larger than three on any post on any subject.

Everyone who contributes to a comment trail is a nominee. If that comment trail wins, you will win shared honors with other commentators for the winning post.

Don't forget, voting starts September 1st and ends September 4th. Nominations in any category can be made up to 11:59 PM on August 31st.

(Note - due to the time involved in researching comment trails, I must request that they be for the current month only. Any post from previous months can be nominated for Best Historic post, but not for Best Comment Trail. Thank you for understanding.)

Best Comment Trail:

Post: The Nature Boy says, "Whoooo!": To Larry's Faithful Readership
Nominees: Captain Icehole, Danikabur, Kay Ray, Larry, Penny Shagwell, ltlme, LostNotFound 1980, Pumpkin Nutz, Aspen Peanut, Belle, Jasmin, Guitarroy, Lab Boy, Robert, Shanshu, Spring, Callie, Mossy Stone, and Motherdear.

Post: Digitalicat's Cartoon Friday, August 12th - Duck Shooting Cartoon
Nominees: marriedman, digitalicat, The Snakehead, Shanshu, Aydreeyin, ltlme, jodyfosterturkeybaster, Lab Boy, Lulu, scribe called steff, Mark, duff, Syar, and You've Got What I Need.

Post:Kal's World - I Just Don't Get It!
Nominees: ltlme, Pete, Callie, Penny Shagwell, and Motherdear.

Post:duff's random musings: i salute you
Nominees: ltlme, digitalicat, Lab Boy, bricotrout, and duff

Post: Legend of the Fat Indian Bitch Part 15 (MarriedMan's ending)
Nominees: Merkley???, Pops, The Snakehead, Digitalicat, Lilith, MarriedMan, Jasmine, colonialave, G.D., Lab Boy, Motherdear

Nominations - August "Best Photblog" Posts and Blogsites

Rules for nomination for these special posts and sites:

1. Photoposts must contain no less than two and more than six photos.
2. Photoposts nominated must be posted in the current month ONLY. Any photoposts which were posted prior to this month must be nominated as a historic post.

1. Photosites can display an unlimited number of photographs in each post.
2. At least 30% of the site must contain photoposts to qualify as a photoblogsite. 3. Bogsites with one photo or cartoon attached to every post qualitify as photoblogsites.

Best PhotoPost:

Duff - duff's random musings:what goes in..."
Larry -The Nature Boy says, "Whoooo!": A Few Pics(Unfortunately Not The Good Ones)
Stacy - Jump Jump To The Rhythm
The Dirty Gypsy - Say Cheese!
Penny - Baby Pictures

Best PhotoBlogsite:
Duff - Duff’s Random Photos
Kal - Kal's World
Chris Nystrom - Chris’s Conversazione
Raymi Lauren -Raymi The Minx
cannotbetrusted -Kiss and Ride
annulla - Blather From Brooklyn
Patsy -Drinks Well With Others

Nominations - August "Best Historic Post and Blogsite"

Again, we will have two awards for this area. One will go to the best individual post which occurred before August 1, 2005, and thus was not eligible for this month's award.

The award for best historic blogsite is the one that has been your favorite over time.

Best Historic Post:

Steph (The Dirty Gypsy) -The Nature Boy says, "Whoooo!": Hijacked!!

Kal - Recondo vs. the Tent Caterpillars

The Dirty Gypsy -BIGGER Gun

Digitalicat - Tbe Cornrowed Hottie

Callie - Dear Lab Boy

Penny - Thought-Provoking Questions
(Moderator's note: Thank you, Penny, for pointing me in the right direction for the link!)

The Hot Librarian - I'm Almost Ready To Tell You

Best Historic Blogsite:

Erin - Mind Wanderings

Martin Kasischke -Liberty 101

Nomination - August "Best Series" Posts

The nominations for best series will be posts only.

Nominations thus far -

Digitalicat - The Fat Indian Bitch Series

The 5-Questions Meme (wherein participants asked one another to ask five questions, starting in late July and finishing in early August)- Participants:
Callie -Questions, Questions, Questions
GordyInterviewed by Motherdear
Larry - Five Questions From ltlme
Dirty Gypsy -Questions From Lab Boy
Lab Boy - Junegirl Interviews Lab Boy
Penny - Five Questions From Motherdear
Motherdear -The Man Asks Some Tough Questions
Motherdear -Gypsy's Turn
Danikabur - Here Are To Answers To Questions, Larry

ltlme - Time to Ponder, Parts 1-6: my little view of the world

Danikabur - The Mother Stories - I've been Mulling Over Something: Continuation

Larry - Larry’s Vegas Trip
Ltlme - The Mint Ass Gum Series
On A Mission
Me and My Mint Ass Gum
A True Test

colonialave -Greed (in four parts)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Nominations - August Comedic Post and Blogsite

In order to make it easier for the moderator (yours, truly) to tabulate nominations and the resulting votes, I have broken this month's nomination down to six different posts. I thought it might be easier to actually find your category for nominating and voting that way. After we have completed August's awards, I will ask for feedback on how to make this easier for you!

Again, I apologize for the delay in getting the nomination posts up so slowly. But I will do better in September. I discovered the power of Google to help me find blogsites of those I hadn't yet visited. Again, place new nominations in the comments.

Here we are - so far, the following are nominated (and please let me know if I missed anything in taking them from the other blogsite):

Best Comedic Post:

Motherdear - Gallows Humour
Penny's Centsless Thoughts - Things You Learn on Animal Planet
Pete - No Artificial Colours or Flavours:Ebay - the cancer that is eating away at the Blogosphere
Digitalicat - Create A Caption, Not a Contest II
Larry - To Larry's Faithful Readership
Digitalicat - Weekend Wierdness - The Mall
Jodiefosterturkeybaster -MarriedMan, Where Are You..?
(Moderator's Note: Warning - strong adult content, not suitable for children)

Best Comedic Blogsite

Penny - Penny's Centsless Thoughts
The Jastrom - The Jastrom's SurReality Sideshow
Duff - Duff's Random Musings
Blog Jesus - Ask Blog Jesus
Shanshu - dust-slaying nano-shurikens of doom!
Pops - Pops' Bucket
thehotlibrarian -The Hot Librarian

Remember to get your nominations in by August 31st at 11:59 PM! Put them in the comments. If you can provide the links, it'll make life easier. If not, no worries!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Nominations - August Dramatic Post and Blogsite

These are the nominations so far for Best Dramatic Post and Blogsite - there is still time to nominate up to 11:59 PM, August 31st!

I apologize for not getting these out to you sooner. But I'm really no good at trying to put links in, and although some of you generously provided them for me (and I owe you a debt of undying gratitude), others did not and I am not the Net-savviest creature on the planet. But I am learning!!!

Without further ado - thus far, the nominees (listed in no particular order) are:

Best Dramatic (Serious) Post:

Mossy Stone - - Withering Heights
Danikabur - I've been Mulling Over Something
Danikabur- Continuation
Callie -A Whole Lotta Trouble: Looking into the Past
Lowk - life or something like it: Scary Movies
Lab Boy - Dad is 51 today
David Hagstar -Enter The Wardrobe: Bad Day, Good Medicine

Best Dramatic Blogsite:

G.D. - Lions and Tigers and Maggots, Oh My...
Lawbrat -
81vaginas - 81 Vaginas, A Pillow Blog
Paul -A Spiritual Diablog

Didn't see your favorite dramatic post or blogsite here? Nominate it, in the comments. Nominations end August 31st at 11:59 PM, voting starts September 1st and end September 5th at 11:59 PM!!

(Moderator's Note - I apologize for misnaming G.D.'s post in the nomination. I have corrected the error and appreciate your indulgence.)

Friday, August 19, 2005

See what you're playing for!

I decided that, since Pete mentioned these and they're so darn pretty...I'm going to steal the Order of Australia awards for us. Shhhhh....don't tell anyone I'm such a plagiarist! I wanted to draw some up, but L&M is keeping me chained to his computer.

So, tell me what you think of these....

1. For best Individual Posts in the categories of Humor, Drama (Serious), Photoblogging, Series, and Historic:

For Best Blogsite in the categories of Humor, Drama (Serious), and Photoblogging:

And for everyone who was cited on a winning post for Best Comment Trail:


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Here we go!!!

Hello, everyone!

Taking all suggestions for nominations for August. I will be working on this site, trying to make it visually appealing and workable, with help from Pete. Anyone with constructive comments and suggestions, please feel free, I'm all ears!