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Monday, August 29, 2005

Nomination - August's "Best Comment Trails"

Sometimes, the blogs are excellent, the posts sublime...and the comments steal the show!!! Nominations for the best Comment Trails can be for any number of comments larger than three on any post on any subject.

Everyone who contributes to a comment trail is a nominee. If that comment trail wins, you will win shared honors with other commentators for the winning post.

Don't forget, voting starts September 1st and ends September 4th. Nominations in any category can be made up to 11:59 PM on August 31st.

(Note - due to the time involved in researching comment trails, I must request that they be for the current month only. Any post from previous months can be nominated for Best Historic post, but not for Best Comment Trail. Thank you for understanding.)

Best Comment Trail:

Post: The Nature Boy says, "Whoooo!": To Larry's Faithful Readership
Nominees: Captain Icehole, Danikabur, Kay Ray, Larry, Penny Shagwell, ltlme, LostNotFound 1980, Pumpkin Nutz, Aspen Peanut, Belle, Jasmin, Guitarroy, Lab Boy, Robert, Shanshu, Spring, Callie, Mossy Stone, and Motherdear.

Post: Digitalicat's Cartoon Friday, August 12th - Duck Shooting Cartoon
Nominees: marriedman, digitalicat, The Snakehead, Shanshu, Aydreeyin, ltlme, jodyfosterturkeybaster, Lab Boy, Lulu, scribe called steff, Mark, duff, Syar, and You've Got What I Need.

Post:Kal's World - I Just Don't Get It!
Nominees: ltlme, Pete, Callie, Penny Shagwell, and Motherdear.

Post:duff's random musings: i salute you
Nominees: ltlme, digitalicat, Lab Boy, bricotrout, and duff

Post: Legend of the Fat Indian Bitch Part 15 (MarriedMan's ending)
Nominees: Merkley???, Pops, The Snakehead, Digitalicat, Lilith, MarriedMan, Jasmine, colonialave, G.D., Lab Boy, Motherdear


At 8/30/2005 8:07 PM, Blogger Larry said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 8/30/2005 9:41 PM, Blogger Penny Shagwell said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 8/31/2005 3:24 PM, Blogger marriedman said...

I must vote for duck cartoon at digi, that was historic

At 8/31/2005 4:45 PM, Blogger marriedman said...

I nominate my fib story comments, yours was amazing.

At 8/31/2005 5:07 PM, Blogger jazz said...

i'm here to nominate marriedman's FIB alternate story comment line.

At 8/31/2005 5:17 PM, Blogger marriedman said...

thanks jazzy

At 9/01/2005 1:01 PM, Blogger Danikabur said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 9/01/2005 4:12 PM, Blogger Patsy Darling said...

I nominate Married Man's ending for the FIB, as always he's a genius.

At 9/03/2005 8:37 AM, Blogger duff said...

legend of fib

At 9/03/2005 8:08 PM, Blogger Larry said...

I have to go with Digi's Duck Cartoon on this one

At 9/04/2005 1:22 AM, Blogger h0g said...

My vote goes to
"duff's random musings: i salute you."

Pete :)

At 9/04/2005 1:47 PM, Blogger Morning Star said...

Too bad I didn't find this sooner but it's encouraging to see the work you're doing for the bloggers--whom I also call--the voice of the people. Found your blog from Peter, who I found through holly, who I found through Mr. Happy. What a wonderful blogging world! Keep up the good work Motherdear!

At 9/04/2005 5:02 PM, Blogger Motherdear said...

Morning Star, thank you so much for stopping by! I do love meeting new friends and this has been a wonderful experience for me!!! I hope you vote for you favorite post or blogsite before Monday at 11:59:59 PM EST!!

At 9/04/2005 5:30 PM, Blogger duff said...

awww...thanks, pete.

At 9/04/2005 7:06 PM, Blogger ltlme said...

comment trail:

Digitalicat's Cartoon Friday, August 12th - Duck Shooting Cartoon

At 9/05/2005 11:32 AM, Blogger Digitalicat said...

I vote FIB part 15. Your comment was incredible Motherdear.

At 9/05/2005 1:03 PM, Blogger colonialave said...

FIB! All the way baby.

At 9/05/2005 8:26 PM, Blogger merkley??? said...

why did my comment get deleted.

somebody can't take a joke?


At 9/05/2005 9:00 PM, Blogger Motherdear said...

Hi, Merkley??? I'm glad you came back because I wanted to talk with you about that.

I thought you were only kidding, and I love that you have a great sense of humour. And I really want you to be an active part of what is starting up here because you are talented. I had to remove your comment, though, because it was inappropriate for this forum.

I am going to hold this blog to a set of higher standards, and as such, body parts won't be mentioned, okay? If you want to write the comment and then immediately delete it after it's sent, so that only I will see it, that's okay. But I cannot have this blog misinterpreted as being something it isn't and I run the risk of that if the comments are inappropriate.

I can take a joke as well as the next guy. On a sassy day when my back is really in a twist, I might even shock you! But please, for this public forum, on THIS blog, keep the comments on a higher plane, all right? I want you to come back, often. I want you to be your humourous self if you can keep it clean. If you had stopped with burning the blog to the ground, that would have been cool. The rest of it just didn't work.

I hope you understand, and I really do want you to come back again! I look forward to reading that you have been nominated, too!

See you again, soon, Merkley???

At 9/05/2005 9:47 PM, Blogger merkley??? said...

thanks, but i have no interest in this kind of awards show crap especially when everything has to be tailored for fuddy duddies who have to ban certain types of humor and language. i think it's stupid.

i hated high school, church, and living at home with my parents for the very same reason.

good luck though, to each their own, sounds really really super duper neat-o and swell and FUN!

ummmm -- not.

At 9/06/2005 5:00 AM, Blogger h0g said...

Nice response Md :)

At 9/06/2005 8:15 AM, Blogger Motherdear said...

Thanks, Pete. It just makes me sad, you know???


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