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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

NEW NOMINATION CATEGORY - "Best Political Post and Site"

One of the great things about August's nominations and voting was seeing how differently individuals handle political topics. We had a very political month with plenty of blog-fodder, between Iraq, Cindy Sheehan, and Katrina.

One of the "Best Serious Site" nominees pointed out that his treatment of the subject, although itself serious, was completely satirical. Many readers who are not politically based missed that point, due to the writer's sophisitcation and political expertise.

So, in order not to offend the writers who may be handling a political subject in either a serious or satirical fashion, and who may be misunderstood, OR to embarass nominators (such as myself) who might not know the difference, it is important to make sure that political blogging stands by itself.

Therefor, please nominate all political posts and sites in this category! Think of the subject matter and how well it was handled in the writing. You do not have to agree with the author's viewpoint...nominations should be based on the nominator's RESPECT for the writer's skillful writing on the subject matter!

Again, all posts nominated must be written in September.
All site nominated must have at least one post for September.

That's all of them!!!

Let's go find those great posts and sites, and present them for all to share!!!

Good luck, as always!

Best Political Post:
astrocoz - That Bitch Katrina…Look What She Done
Kal - Kal's World: New Orleans: Disaster Planning, or Planning Disaster?
Citizen X - Life During War: Drowning Our Sorrows

Best Political Site:

Citizen X -Life During War


At 9/10/2005 6:53 PM, Blogger ltlme said...

astrocoz's That Bitch Katrina...Look What She Done!

At 9/11/2005 10:38 AM, Blogger Motherdear said...

Done, ltlfriend. Thank you as always for finding great posts!

At 9/12/2005 8:48 AM, Blogger bozette said...

I agree with Itlme.
Great post.

At 9/16/2005 5:07 PM, Blogger astrocoz said...

Wow, I feel honored to be nominated!

At 9/16/2005 7:07 PM, Blogger Motherdear said...

astro, we feel honored to have read your post and to have you with us!!

At 9/17/2005 9:49 AM, Blogger Miss Cellania said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 9/22/2005 7:42 PM, Blogger Miss Cellania said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 9/30/2005 8:43 PM, Blogger Citizen X said...

Thanks kindly for the nomination. I'm flattered.

At 10/01/2005 7:50 AM, Blogger Motherdear said...

Citizen, we're proud to have you as a nominee! Good luck!!! Make sure to tell your friends to come and vote for you from now to October 5th qt 11:59:59 PM EST.

At 10/03/2005 1:28 AM, Blogger Digitalicat said...

I vote for Citizen X for both Post and Site.

At 10/03/2005 8:02 AM, Blogger Penny Shagwell said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 10/04/2005 4:58 AM, Blogger Miss Cellania said...

Here are my votes

Best poltical post- Citizen X - Life During War: Drowning Our Sorrows

Besr poltical site=Citizen X -Life During War

Best comment trail= A Whole Lotta Trouble: Sex With a Soccer Mom

Best series= MarriedMan -Marriedman
Keeps Posting: Les Miserablogs

Best Historic post-The Mechanical Philosopher: “Baby Coming! Stove top Cleaning...”

Best Photo post- The Walls of St. Paul: “Beautiful Girls”

Best Photo Site- Kirby Bartlett-Sloan Brother Monkey

Best Comedic Post- Chinamom Rules: “China Mom Does Internet Dating”

Best Comedic Site- Miss Cellania Miss Cellania

Best Dramatic Post- Infertile Myrtle -The Naked Ovary: “Ears Wide Open”
cluelesscarolinagirl - clueless in carolina: “Things”
itsswoop - Live Journal: “Fifteen Years Ago This Month”

Best Dramatic Blog Site-Infertile Myrtle - The Naked Ovary

At 10/07/2005 9:00 AM, Blogger Digitalicat said...

Voting is now closed. Thank you for participating!


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