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Thursday, October 06, 2005

THE ENVELOPE, PLEASE...for September!

The voting is in, the results tabulated. And our friend Digitalicat has designed a button for winners to put on their sites to display the high estemm in which their bloggery is held by their peers.

Congratulations, one and all!

Without further ado, the people say that these were our best (known) works for September!

Best Serious Post:

Winner - Infertile Myrtle The Naked Ovary Ears: Wide Open
Honorable mention - Married Man It's not much, but it's Me: Two strangers in the same bed

Best Serious Site:

Winner - Infertile Myrtle The Naked Ovary
(All other nominated sites tied for Honorable Mention, with identical votes)
Mr. Happy Enter the Wardrobe
Michelle Herrick Circling the Baobabs
colonialave Crazy World: An Endless Imagination

Best Comedic Post:

Winner - Callie A Whole Lotta Trouble: Sex With Soccor Mom
Honorable Mention - JFTB Completely Unrelated To Work: To MarriedMan With Love…

Best Comedic Site:

Winner - Digitalicat Tossed My Salad
Honorable Mention - Miss Cellania Miss Cellania

Best Photo Post:

Winner - lbseahag Jinx The Wonder Cat: Spam-tastic Dynamite
Honorable Mention - John, Carol et al The Walls of St. Paul: Beautiful Girls

Best Photo Site:

Winner - bozette Pictures From My World
Honorable Mention (a tie) -
Tranquility Base Life From Blue Moon
Mystic Mystic Isle

Best Historic Post:

Winners ( a tie) -
Nick Carter The Mechanical Philosopher: Baby Coming! Stovetop Cleaning…
Kal Kal's World: Thank God for Jackasses
Honorable Mention - colonialave Crazy World: An Endless Imagination:: Disturbing Reflection

Best Historic Site:

Winner - David Hagstar Enter the Wardrobe

Best Series:

Winner - Mossy Stone Mixed Moss from a Rolling Stone: The Steph Sightings

Honorable Mention - MarriedMan Marriedman Keeps Posting: Les Miserablogs

Best Political Post:

Winner - Kal Kal's World: New Orleans - Disaster Planning, or Planning Disaster?

Honorable Mention - Citizen X Life During War: Drowning Our Sorrows

Best Political Site:

Winner - Citizen X Life During War

Best Comment Trail:

Winners (a tie) -
A Whole Lotta Trouble: Sex With a Soccer Mom
Winners- Danikabur, MYSTIC, Callie, Jerry, Sometimes Saintly Nick, Lowk, ltlme, Larry, Lab Boy, Chris, Justin, Motherdear, Danius Maximus, Gordy, Penny Shagwell, Mossy Stone

Tossed My Salad: Vacanigans, Part 9

Winners - Lab Boy, Juicy, Digitalicat, lilith, kiki, jenna, colonialave, marriedman, motherdear, dimlighslittlecity, The Snakehead, jazz, -g.d., you've got what I need,

Honorable Mention - Penny Shagwell Penny's Centsless Thoughts: Update
Participants - PennyShagwell, Mossy Stone, Kal, ltlme, Motherdear

Digitalicat has devised a button for you to put on your sites to let the world know you are a BRILLIANT BLOGGER!! THANK YOU, Digitalicat!!!

Winners can use this line of code on their posts or templates to
denote their win:

<img src="" alt="Brilliant Blog" stlye="border:0;" />

Which will display like this:

Brilliant Blog

Or this line of code (same image, but links to the Order homepage):

<a href="" title="The Order of Brilliant Bloggers"><img src="" alt="Brilliant Blog" style="border:0;" /></a>

Which will display like this:

Brilliant Blog

Please display this image, or notify your readers of your win in some other way. This will help promote the Order for next month.

And congratulations again to all our winners!


At 10/06/2005 4:58 PM, Blogger marriedman said...

Honorable Mention, Honorable Mention. Damn! I gotta step up my game.
Nice job winners!
I look forward to nominations and voting for October.

At 10/06/2005 5:12 PM, Blogger Callie said...

I'd like to thank the Academy . . .

Oh, wait - wrong acceptance speech.


Thanks everyone!!!

Woo hoo!!! I won me sumthin!

At 10/06/2005 6:51 PM, Blogger bozette said...

Thank You to all my fans.
If I had any.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks Again.

At 10/06/2005 10:10 PM, Blogger Kal said...

Yowza. Love to all my bitches...

At 10/07/2005 9:25 AM, Blogger Digitalicat said...

Woohoo! Thanks to everyone who voted for me. And thanks to everyone who didn't too. :)

The blogsticker images are posted and ready to use. Just copy either block of code and paste it wherever you'd like to use it. (I'd prefer you post the one that leads back here to help promote the order.)

If people are interested, I can also make different format images, maybe a standard button size (88x31), or maybe a larger badge size (120x50). Any thoughts?

At 10/07/2005 11:30 AM, Blogger Mossy Stone said...

Married: Don't bitch. Hell, I didn't even get on the radar for my second nomination.

Oh yeah, shit...I won the other one.

Um... *humble* WHA-HOO!!!


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