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Monday, November 07, 2005

Nominations - November's "Best Political Post and Site"

Political blogging is a separate art. The subject is serious, but the writing may handle a political subject in either a serious or satirical fashion. In order to give full respect to the political blogger, whose audience may totally enjoy the writing style and material, but not know if the bloggers intentions were indeed satirical (Comedic) or serious (Dramatic), it is important to make sure that political blogging stands in a category by itself.

Therefore, please nominate all political posts and sites here! Think of the subject matter and how well it was handled in the writing. You do not have to agree with the author's viewpoint... nominations should be based on the nominator's RESPECT for the writer's skillful writing on the subject matter!

Again, all posts nominated must be written in November.
All site nominated must have at least one political post for November.

Let's go find those great posts and sites, and present them for all to share!!!

Good luck, as always! And for those of you who have become faithful nominators and voters, who put the time into searching out posts and sites to share and recognize, we owe you a debt of gratitude, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! A little surprise awaits you (as soon as I figure out how to do it...)

Best Political Post:
T Leach - Writebrainfestations: The Crazy Congresswoman Chronicles
driftglass -driftglass: What Elephants

Best Political Blogsite:
Blogenfruede - AGITPROP
Sally, Dr. Forbush, Pia Talks, mulligan, anna., Cranky Liberal, Moxie Grrrl, Tom Harper, chris, Jet, The Bastard - Naked Politics
Pam - Pam's House Blend…always steaming
Shakespears's Sister, Mr. Shakes, Mr. Furious, Paul the Spud, somewaterytart, D. - Shakespeare's Sister

Nominations - November's "Best Comment Trails"

Comment Trails are Post-Based nominations.

Nominations for the best Comment Trails can be for any number of comments larger than three on any post, on any subject.

Everyone who contributes to a comment trail is a nominee. If that comment trail wins, you will win shared honors with other commentators for the winning post.

Since the blog owner cannot nominate his or her own post for a comment trail, it must be nominated by someone else. One of the commentors can be the nominator in this situation, even though s/he will also technically be a winner if the blog wins the award for this month. THIS IS THE ONLY SITUATION IN WHICH A NOMINATOR CAN ALSO BE A NOMINEE.
(Note - due to the time involved in researching comment trails, we must request that they be for the current month only. Any post from previous months can be nominated for Best Historic post, but not for Best Comment Trail. Thank you for understanding.

Best Comment Trail -
Lowk - life or something like it: Just MotherDear
Participants: Lowk, Callie, Motherdear, Kal, Penny Shagwell, Steph, bozette, Mystic

Nominations - November's "Best Series" Posts

"Series" consist of two or more posts on the same topic intended as a continuing thread. Nominations for Best Series are Post-related only.

The Series can begin at any point in time. Determining factor is the MOST RECENT post which is part of the series - that post must be made in November in order to qualify.

If the series has no November Post, the Historic Post Rules apply.

Nominations are closed November 30th at 11:59:59 PM EST.


Best Series:
LBSeahag - Jinx the Wondercat: The Poutine Series
Blame Canada
Coming Soon: The Poutine Weekend
Welcome to The Poutine Weekend
Hello! Come In From the Cold...Have Some Poutine

duff - duff's random musings: the sentence saturday series
Part 2
sentence saturday - Part 3
sentence saturday - Part 4
sentence saturday - Part 5

ltlme - my little view of the world: The Ask Freud Series
Ask Freud: Part 5
Ask Freud: Part 6
Ask Freud: Part 7

Kal, Penny Shagwell, and Mossy Stone - The Recondo Revolutions Series
Part One: Kal - Kal's World: A New Day for (Kal's) MY World
Part Two: Kal - Recondo's World: A Warning
Part Three: Kal - Recondo's World: Vive la Revolution
Part Four: Penny Shagwell - Penny's Centsless Thoughts: PWI: UPC vs. Recondo
Part Five: Mossy Stone - Mixed Moss From a Rolling Stone: "HQ, this is the Recondo Resistance Movement…come in, HQ"
Part Six: Kal - Kal's World: The Return of Kal

Nominations - November's "Best Historic Post and Blogsite"

Posts - written prior to November 1st. It is FINE to re-nominate your favorite post from any prior month if it did not win! As long as it was written prior to November 1st, it's fair game. However, please restrict re-nominations to posts which were not winners in their categories. (Honorable Mentions may be re-nominated.)

Sites - Any category of site which does not have an active post for the month of November.

(Note: - If a site is nominated before November 15th and the writer adds a new post after that date, the nomination will be moved to the proper category for Best November Site. If the nomination occurs AFTER November 15th, and the writer adds a post this month, the site will remain as a Historical nomination. Hint = to save yourself time, wait until after November 15th to nominate the site you were going to nominate for this category, and then you'll know for sure if it is a current category or Historical nomination.)

Keep reading those posts, nothing is ever out-of-date! Nominations end November 30th at 11:59:59 PM EST!


Best Historic Post:
driftglass - driftglass: The President Reminds Potential Rats...

Nominations - November's "Best Photoblog" Posts and Blogsites

Posts - contain at least two photographs / drawings / graphics (or a combination of all three visual inserts), posted in the month of November.

Sites - contain at least one photo / drawing / graphic visual elements, with no maximum number, for at least 30% of its total number of postings.

Sites - need to display the requisite 30% of photoposts in November at the time of nomination in order to qualify. Otherwise, see Historic Posts / Sites.

Remember - 3 nominations for posts, 3 more for sites, and one cannot nominate one's own work.

Voting starts December 1st and ends December 5th at 11:59:59 PM EST. Three votes allowed per category, but one cannot vote for the same post or site more than once. And one may vote for his or her own work.

GOOD LUCK! Let's share some great pictures!!!

Best Photo Post:
Penny Shagwell - Penny's Centless Thoughts: Lest We Forget
Mossy Stone - Mixed Moss From A Rolling Stone: Remembrance Day Trappings
Lab Guy - The Hypergraphic Blogger: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime, Fat Boy

Best Photo Blogsite:
Cym Urban - Photography Journal
Nir Zohar - Landscape and Nature Photography
Ryan Gallagher - Camera Toss

Nominations - November's Best Comedic Post and Blogsite

Best Comedic Post is for any humourous post created from November 1st to November 30th. Nominations end November 30th at 11:590:59 PM EST.

Best Comedic Blogsite must contain at least one post during the month of November to qualify. (Otherwise, nominate in Best Historical Site, please.)

Same Rules and Protocol apply as always - up to three nominations per post and blogsite in each category, and you cannot nominate yourself!!!

Voting will begin December 1st through 11:59:59PM EST on December 5th. You have three votes per category but can only vote for the same post or site once. And yes, you can vote for yourself, if you like.

As always, have fun and GOOD LUCK!!

Best Comedic Post:
Fantob - Voodoo Innuendo: Nitwit Tidbit From Pundit Review Radio
Bobby - Verbal Vomit: Let it snow, let it snow, let it…oh screw it.

Best Comedic Blogsite
Vesti - The Intellectual Comedy Salon
jamwall - Banana Blograma
Michael Ashley - It Occurred To Me
At her request, the last nomination has been rescinded. Thank you all for understanding.

Nominations - November's "Best Dramatic Post and Blogsite"

It's time again, time to nominate your favorite posts and sites for November's awards. With any luck, there will be new badges out this month!

Rules on the nomination for Dramatic / Serious Posts and sites:

1. Posts must be written between November 1st and November 30th.
2. Nominations can be made up to 11:59:59 PM (EDT) on November 30th.
3. Nominations will be placed in the comments, and added to the body of the post on a daily basis. If you would like to nominate in secrecy, then make and post the comment, and then delete it. It will show up in my email box and I will add it to the nomination post.
4. "Serious" and "Dramatic" refer to the subject matter.
5. Blogsites must have at least one November posting in order to qualify. Any site not posted to in November should be nominated in the Historic category.
6. Each nominator can list up to three post and three blogsite nominations per category. You cannot nominate your own post or blogsite (but you can vote for yourself.)
7. Active links (or at least URLs) would be appreciated!!!

Good luck, everyone!!! Let's find some great writing to share!

Best Dramatic Post

Digitalicat - Tossed My Salad: The King is Dead, Long Live The King
Penny Shagwell - Penny's Centsless Thoughts: Lest We Forget
Miller's Mind - It’s Not Much, But It's Me: A Mess of Thoughts, Some Rhyme, Some Don't. Who Cares?
Callie - Whole Lotta Trouble: Where I'm From, and Where I'm Going

Best Serious Blogsite

Miller's Mind - It’s Not Much, But It's Me

Sunday, November 06, 2005


The voting is in, the results tabulated. Digitalicat's winner's button is at the bottom of this post so that all our winners and Honorable Mentions can place them on their sites to display the high esteem in which their bloggery is held by their peers.

Congratulations, one and all! The public has spoken, and these are our best (known) works for October!

Best Serious Post:
Winner - Lab Guy Hypergraphic Blogger: Audiopost at the Finish Line
Honorable mention - Stacy Nihilistic Propensity: Homophobia is Gay

Best Serious Site:
No nominations in this category for October.

Best Comedic Post:
Winner - KiKi Banker by Day, Bartender at Night: Dear Digi
Honorable Mention - a tie:
Mossy Stone Mixed Moss from a Rolling Stone: Woody Prayers and Pleadings
Wombat & Midwest Kiss&Blog: …special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun...

Best Comedic Site:
Winner - MPH Ask Blog Jesus

Best Photo Post:
Winner - Kal / Recondo (Kal's) Recondo's World: A New Day for My World

Best Photo Site:
Winner - raymi Raymi the Minx
Honorable Mention - LBSeahag & Cher Panhandlers Gone Wild

Best Historic Post:
Winner- colonialave Crazy World: Funny Story

Best Historic Site:
Winner - go survive Survivor Toyland

Best Series:
Winner - ltlme My ltl world: Ask Freud
Honorable Mention (a tie):
Lab Guy
Hypergraphic Blogger: The Baltimore Marathon Audioposts

Motherdear - How Did I Get Here from There: The Big Girl Series

Best Political Post:
No nominations in this category for October.

Best Political Site:
Winner - Carl Simply Left Behind
Honorable Mention - CC Canadian Cynic

Best Comment Trail:
Winner - From Digitalicat's Tossed My Salad: Weekend Weirdness II
Winning participants: Serra, Lab Guy, Jenna, Marriedman, Juicy, Motherdear, digitalicat, She Hulk, Duff, Mossy Stone, Jazz, Dusti, Professor Eli, ScarletTongue

Honorable Mention -From Mossy Stone's Mixed Moss From a Rolling Stone: Left Coast Dispatch
Honored Participants: Kal, Dirty Gypsy, Danikabur, Larry, Motherdear, Ltlme, Penny Shagwell, Mossy Stone


Digitalicat has devised a button for you to put on your sites to let the world know you are a BRILLIANT BLOGGER!! Anyone whose name or site is displayed in this post - please use this line of code within your posts or templates to denote your win:

<img src="" alt="Brilliant Blog" stlye="border:0;" />

Which will display as the Brilliant Blog button on the sidebar.

Or this line of code (same image, but links to the Order homepage):

<a href="" title="The Order of Brilliant Bloggers"><img src="" alt="Brilliant Blog" style="border:0;" /></a>

Which will display as the Brilliant Blog button at the sidebar.

Please display this image, or notify your readers of your win in some other way. This will help promote the Order for next month.

And congratulations again to all our winners! Without your continued participation, none of this is possible!!