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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Nominations - January's "Best Historic Post and Blogsite"

Here are the definitions:

Posts - any post written prior to January 1st. It is FINE to re-nominate your favorite post from any prior month if it has never won! As long as it was written prior to January 1st, it's fair game. However, please restrict re-nominations to posts which were not winners in their categories. (Honorable Mentions may be re-nominated.)

Sites - Any category of site which does not have an active post for the month of January. (Note: - If a site is nominated before January 15th and the writer adds a new post after that date, the nomination will be moved to the proper category for Best January Site. If the nomination occurs AFTER Janaury 15th, and the writer adds a post this month, the site will remain as a Historical nomination. (Hint = to save yourself time, wait until after January 15th to nominate the site you were going to nominate for this category, and then you'll know for sure if it is a current category or Historical nomination.)

Keep reading those posts, past and present. Nothing is ever out-of-play unless it has previously won a category!

Nominations end January 31st at 11:59:59 PM EDT! Voting begins February 1st and end February 5th at 11:59:59 PM EDT. PLEASE, do NOT vote prior to February 1st or your votes will be discounted becaused nominations have not yet closed.

Let's go find what we missed out there!


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